The Money Is In The List

Oh no.... not again.

Honestly, I'm really sick and tired of hearing this because everywhere I go on the net, I always see this.

Well, like it or not, it's very true, "The money is in the list!" - This is one the reason why this website is created.

It doesn't matter whether you are a veteran or a newbie, you face 1 biggest problem and that is "Autoresponder" especially if your niche is MMO/IM/BizOps or worst, you are a solo ads vendor!


Because most autoresponder (AR) company do not like this niche.

Just imagine, you managed to build your list up to 5k, happily making $15k every month and one morning you woke up and BAM! your AR account got ban because you are too aggresive in your swipe. You basically lost everything in 1 day but luckily, you've got your backup and you open an account with another AR company but then... you know what I mean.

I personally lost a lot of AR accounts throughout my 6 years as solo ads vendor. I started with Amazon SES (got ban after 3 months) then I move to Aweber (I got ban more than 60 times, shhh...) then GetResponse (I got ban about 7 times) then I move to mailchimp (I got ban before I got the chance send my first swipe) then I got back to Amazon SES, then I tried Mandrill, Sendgrid, basically anything you can think of, including hiring developer to build me mailing servers which cost me from a few hundred to as high as $1,500.

Well, 100% of the time, the mailing server I got failed miserable as I do not know what I'm doing but hey, at least I tried if not, this website will never be born.

Fast forward...

All these changed when I start to learn how to build my own mailing server 2 years ago, I started to learn what are the do's and don't in order to inbox, I started to learn how to properly warm up my servers, I started to learn how to automate my mailing server to move my openers and clickers to different list in order to get maximum delivery and get rid of non-openers all on auto and best of all, no matter how hard I spam, nobody can ban me!

I don't claim to be the best or claim that you will 100% inbox or tell you that you can just import 100k leads into your list and spam the hell out of it and it will inbox! It just doesn't work that way as there are a lot of criteria you have to take into consideration.

What I'm offering you in this course is to setup a proper Mailing server, how to setup DKIM, SPF DMARC, warming up schedule and if done correctly, you shouldn't have issue inboxing various ISP although sometimes it might take a few tries.

I also heard a lot of people telling me building mailing server is very difficult, very expensive and you need an aged domain to inbox and I was like, huh? expensive? difficult? aged domain?

Well, let me tell you a secret... if it's a secret at all...

I can build a mailing server in under 30 minutes with less than $100 including a new domain name!

I know, I know, next question is, can it inbox gmail?

Well, I always believe seeing is believing so go ahead test it:

Don't worry, you will only receive 1 test email from me.

Please do me a favor by clicking the link in the email after you receive it or else it will be "0" engagement and it's very bad

NOTE: This domain name ( ) was registered on July 05, 2018 - Still a virgin: I purposely use a fresh new domain without a .com PLUS "" as the sender via to prove a point (You DO NOT need an aged domain or .com to inbox gmail).

Which means you will get the test email from me as: via

Enough Said... You be the judge.

Like the saying goes, "I give you a fish, you eat once - I teach you how to fish, you eat a lifetime"

If you pick up the course "The Art Of Crafting Mailing Server", you will get a step by step guide to successfully build your mailing server from scratch and of course I will be there for you just in case you got stuck somewhere.

So... See you on the other side



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